Benefits of psychotherapy.

I practice psychodynamic therapy, which has been shown by empirical research to be highly effective in helping people achieve lasting change, especially with problems that are long-standing and repetitive.

Neuroscience research has demonstrated that changes in the brain occur due to the experience of chronic anxiety or stress, or from trauma.

Other research findings have validated the therapeutic effect of psychodynamic therapy. This kind of therapy is based on the fact that thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by factors which people are unaware of.

This potentially life-changing therapy uncovers these factors and allows new awareness, in the context of the relationship with the therapist, to lead to an enhanced and more satisfying life experience.

It is particularly useful for the feeling of being stuck and unable to change, in spite of the desire to do so.

My work is individually tailored to meet your unique needs.

With over 20 years of experience, a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and extensive post-graduate training, I’ve helped many people find real satisfaction and inner peace.

In addition to my work with patients, I supervise psychiatry residents at Baylor College of Medicine, teaching them to practice therapy. A portionĀ of my time is spent with mental health professionals who consult with me in order to improve the therapy work they are doing.

Along with the above, I teach classes about psychodynamic therapy to mental health professionals and make presentations on topics related to psychology, and I am a past President of the Houston-Galveston Psychoanalytic Society.

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